Get this ball rolling

nuno felt silk over dyed with ‘Montbrecia’

Wish me luck …

This nuno felted silk scarf made its way into the washing machine…. so i decided to keep playing, i put it in a pot of dye ( glass jar ) on the deck . A month or so latter and just a wee bit smelly i have a gorgeous  soft limey green . It is Montbrecia a summer weed with orange flowers ( Thanks Sal ) The scarf has ended up a little on the small size but will look great on a winter day.


19 thoughts on “Get this ball rolling

  1. Hey Wen, yesterday ran into my old boss and she was telling me how I gave her this sweatshirt like 20 years ago and she still has it and its in great shape etc, I remember it was one of your’s, I told her you are still creating cool stuff and she was like, well, may-be I should frame it! p.s still have a nice piece of cloth you dyed with leaves on it, will take a pic of it and post it, happy day, love always x

  2. Hey Wen, great Blog, I was going to post photos of a cute little felt hanging, but I can’t see where I can add attachments, I’ll email it to you. keep up the good work Fx

  3. You have always been a very talented, artistic, gorgy girl, thanks for sharing with me, if only we lived closer, we could play together, keep inspiring, love and great memory’s Hx

  4. Wow Wendi, this is gorgeous! It’s wonderful to see and ‘feel’ the colours of the plants held so gently in your work; the plants are transformed and these expressions of the cycle of life are exquisite. The creativity and love for your art reveal the hidden treasures of the plants. It’s beauty wrapped around us. Congratulations and much love, sa xo

  5. Lovely to see what you are doing so diligently Wen. Makes me want to come and stay for a week so we can play – must work towards that.
    Have you tried boiling Rosella fruit and using the water, much as you did with the Montbrecia? The colour should be really pretty.

  6. thankyou for including me in this my lovely Wen – look forward to seeing and reading more. with my love for you and your beautiful family/children p.s. got a huge hug off miss ula the other day ;) no idea why but it was appreciated and needed on my behalf…

  7. Wow, Wendi what great stuff. I have subscribed, and, do you mind if I put this link on the website to inspire others?

    Looking forward to the next workshops!



  8. This is so exciting Wen – you are an amazing, beautiful star! It’s fascinating to read your commentary about the natural fabric dying, how very earthy and inspiring.

    You know, our little artists community at the end of Bibaringa Close is getting its skates on! big love and congrats, sal

  9. Congrats on getting your blog up! WordPress is pretty good, I reckon.

    Colour of your scarf is lovely. Did you use any mordants?


  10. Congratulations Wendi!!!!! It looks great! Got a photo of the Montbrecia? I am pretty sure I know the one you mean.
    We have a deluxe crop of sage at the moment which has the most amazing red flower. I wonder how that would dye up?
    YAY! Very excited you persisted today. You should be very proud!Nik

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