Plentiful Orchard



The School buses have been canceled and the main road is close due to land slides, we have had nearly 100ml this morning!  So I am back on the computer. We had reasonably fine weather yesterday and got some great shots of our plentiful orchard. We probably have nearly 70 quinces on one tree so many that the boughs are drooping and I am unable to cover them all ( from the fruit fly and fruit bats )














Also Bananas, Golden Tamarillos , Blood Oranges and Avocados…


Lastly on my first blog (last year) I talked of a weed flower named Mont Brecia that made a green colour on silk well I remembered to get a photo this time round as it only flowers once a year.



  Although the colour this time round was more Orange / Yellow!


4 thoughts on “Plentiful Orchard

  1. please, please don’t spread montbretia seeds. actually it is illegal to distribute and plant the seeds of listed weeds, so you wouldn’t want to do it in any event.

    those fibres make lovely paper and string too, so i’d be thinking about eradicating the plant from the wild by using all of it!

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