New Trees

We have had a lovely weekend  away( Lost World Valley) and of course the dye pot went with me, I was very lucky because a friend was able to identify some of the leaves I was about to dye with which is most helpful. For my future reference and jottings in my new local plants reference book ” Wild plants of greater Brisbane” a Queensland museum guide. I have made notes across from Jean Carmen’s book for cross reference.

darlington 005

darlington 006

The leaves used and identified were Eucalyptus Crebra Narrow leaved Ironbark, Corymbia Tessellaris Morton Bay Ash and Angophora subvelutina  Broadleaf Apple. I also had some pre soaked leaves that had been in a jar of water with vinegar for some time.

They were boiled up in my trusty pot… three samples and by far the best results came from the unidentified vinegar soaked leaves !

darlington 004

darlington 017

The Angophra was my biggest disappointment,  don’t let leaf shape and colour deceive you…. it looks very similar  to some leaves I have used from Victoria that result in red/orange this leaf gave very soft beige and very little imprint.

darlington 019

The Angophra is the leaves on the left hand side (heartish shaped ) the long narrow leaves are the Eucalyptus Crebra.

darlington 020

This is the Corymbia Tessellaris  Morton Bay Ash It could well give better results with cooper ( it was wrapped in a copper pipe) and was very yellow where they touched.

darlington 023

And lastly the unidentified vinegar soaked leaves !


6 thoughts on “New Trees

  1. There’s just no doubt that learning to identify the trees is one of the big challenges (unless you’re appy to gleefully experiment all the time-which isn’t me). I am loving the euc learning. I hope you will too.

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