More Arm Knitting

Well it has become a little addictive … so quick and easy. I have decided to do a demonstration of arm kitting at my stall at Arts in the Olives in May. Here are the latest additions both are two strands one being Baby Alpaca and the other a mixed media yarn.


Felted Arm Knitted Scarves

We are still waiting for our phone lines to be restored >>>!!@##?*&##…. I am relying on wi-fi cafes and library’s. I am stitching a cape/vest that is in silk to be dyed this week along with some op shop silk goodies that I have picked up along the way, will post some photo next time. I have the photo’s of the felted arm (hand ) knitted scarves, one is for Ula has not been felted.

re visit arm knitting

It is funny what comes of having a blog it is a little like a garage sale ( or yard sale ) people buy the things that you least likely expect …… I get more hits on arm knitting ( more like hands for me ) than anything else ! It is a skill I picked up a while back now and have decided to re invest my interest as I have discovered heaps of  yarn/ wool in my New Year house tidy/organization . Good excuse to get theses hands working again and it is sooooo quick ….

I  I intend to felt these scarves they are 3 stands one of them being 100% wool that will shrink … I hope enough to make a difference and change the look/ texture and all going well the will be added to my  etsy store


Arm Knitting

I have noticed a some interest in arm knitting (I mentioned it in an earlier post) well I got my hands into action.Teresa Dair was at the craft/ quilt fair in Brisbane(I have put her link in my blog roll).

I went to her work shop and bought the instructions , it is a bit tricky to get you head / hands  around but once you get it  it’s  fun and quick.The instructions talk about felting the scarf so you need to use a wool that will felt/shrink and one or two more that won’t , I have not felted this one yet ….. am undecided about changing the look