Mothers Day around the corner

I have been busy making….. sewing and hand stitching garments then a dip in the bundle pot, in readiness  for the annual Arts in the Olives Festival, along with Open Studios and the opening of our new little CO-OP venture in Canungra aptly named Scenic Rim Artisans 

eucalyptus on wool jersey

love those marks

The little shop / co op venture is at  8 Kidston st Canungra QLD 4275

Scenic Rim Artisans

on the clothes rack


a wonderful mothers day was had

The trek out to the Lost World Valley early in the morning on our way to Arts in the Olives Festival is always special and yesterday was a full of joy with the misty valleys, hot air balloons and gifts for me  :)

Ula at 13 is a doer and all my gifts from her were hand made.

My Mother's Day Love on my lap on the way to Arts in the Olives

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she also beavered away at this with the help of her Dad

P1070802We all had a stunning day and it was great to connect with so many lovely people.

new year paper play

I am always exploring new ways with the mediums that I use in my arts practice. I did a workshop with Tricia Smout and love some of the ideas she shared with us. The eco dyed paper made into little origami folded books tied up with my silk string .These little beauties will feature at my Stall at Arts in the Olives in May along with origami folded boxes too.

mothers day

An early start to a big day out and I could not do it without the rest of the family, a trailer to pack and unload, canopy to erect and stock to display but it is worth it. The day Arts in the Olives is set in a valley named The Lost World. This year they had 2000 people through the gate and we were busy bees all day.

and a thanks to the photos by Sandra  from Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm

a little bit of heart

Busying myself for a weekend of sharing, pow wow’s and fun. Open Studio runs over two days so I may not have a voice on Monday. Then the next weekend here in Australia is Mothers Day and I will be out at Arts in the Olives for the day workshoping and my stall womened by the lovely Lisa and myself when I can …… with loads of Bundle Dyed Clothing and Gifts……. hear are some of the hearts I have been working on…


Arts in the Olives

We had a wonderful day out…….

Jasper did Blacksmithing for the day and made me a iron heart.

Ula and Pete wandered the market stalls and bought back yummy treats and gifts.

I had a fun day of sharing and networking….. and many of my  works made their way to new homes.


all packed and ready to go

Well after much stitching and finishing off we are ready for our market stall at the festival ” Arts in the Olives ” …… the trailer is packed and if it isn’t finished its not going . Our darling boy commented on my stress levels ( which in these situations can be up) but alas I’m  OK as far as he is concerned ( Bless Him )

Both Ula and Jasper are off doing workshops tomorrow Jasper is black smithing and Ula will play with clay and cloth. ( sounds like fun to me)

will post some photos next week ……



PS happy Mothers Day from OZ..

the linen dress

I got a chance to bundle the linen dress yesterday, boiled it up for 3 hours or so and the scent when un bundling it this morning was magic…. I used a mix of leaves,  some from iron water and some in vinegar and water, this softens some of the dryer leaves and makes it easier to roll too. This one is just for me….. another op shop gem and thanks to India Flint for Second Skin a great read….  Locals you will be able to see me wearing said dress at Arts in the Olives on Mothers Day pre

more cotton and linen

My gig at Arts in the Olives is just a week away ….. and just to stretch myself I decided too try the soy ( water and soya beans ) dip for the cotton and linen from Local and Bespoke, I have tried the egg dip but found the egg smell a little over powering. So a couple of cotton and linen numbers all from op shops got their treatment over a couple of days. I have dyed 3 of them and am happy with the results. The leaves have been soaking in rust water which has given off a lovely purple / mauve hue. I have a linen dress that I will dye for me to wear on the day I ran some darts in the back, cut out the lining and put a little silk hand stitching round the neck line. I hope to dye it this weekend as with a hundred other jobs that need doing……..