a trip away to summer school

excitedly I booked for a week with Elizabeth Bunsen at Summer School in Ballarat, sadly Elizabeth had to cancel but I am sure we will see her again some time soon.

So now I am going to spend a week with Roxanne Laskey immersing myself in threads of meaning. Just think a whole week no cooking/washing or cleaning….. just stitching !

I have been working on a couple of pieces for the exhibition The Challenge

rebirth the universe

re-purposed linen table runner……. dipped in the ocean….. bundled with leaves ….then filled with white stitches

The other is  Black and White very out of my comfort zone I have built a collage using a technique taught by Cas Holmes

ode to aubrey  it is an ode to my Grandfather Aubrey  and still in need of more stitching to finish this piece off


loving paper play

loving paper play ( thanks EB ) ….. and its such a reward to teach.

The dress that I posted about and was on the catwalk at the Ekka received a third !             I have been very busy with my other job @ Eden Seeds ramping up for spring… thus not much posting.                                                                                                                          Am excited to say that I am attending a two day workshop stitching with Dorthy Caldwell next week ….my time to bliss out and soak it all up .

testing paper

I am running a workshop this weekend and wanted to see which paper to work with, the students are going to make a little artist book, using the sandwich method as taught by Elizabeth Bunsen. Now I will stitch the paper and silk with the dyed thread and have it for display. More play to come, I have just found some rusty chicken wire to sandwich with leaves and paper !

wool flannel cushion

wool flannel …… not sure if it was made to wear on babies skin or as an outer but this piece is nappy size and I would give my eye teeth for more. I took it with me to the workshop with EB and bundled it with leaves but no copper or iron rod just a tight little package. Now its sewn up with a mohair backing that is in a burnt orange. This lovely piece will be with me at open studios on the weekend, don’t think i will get permission to sell it from the cat or my husband.


others work from newcastle

Its a week since we started our workshop with Elizabeth…. and I am home now and back to the real world ! Luckily it’s School Holidays so at least there’s no lunches to prepare. Last night was my first chance to look at some stitching and book making from my samples. The photos are from others in the workshop and wow what a talented bunch.