girls day out

Ula and I had a little drive out to Boonah (west of here) today it is the end of Eat Local Week in the Scenic Rim, a new friend from my workshop at Open Studios was going to be at this little market at the Organic Shed. Ula got to needle felt and I had a go at spinning alpaca fleece, fun.. but I don’t think I will take it up. On our journey out I spotted an unusual gum and was able to have it identified….. Eucalyptus Melanophloia  “silver leaf iron bark “I will bundle it this week to see what it does Jean Carman’s book suggest yellow/ light green.


Felted Arm Knitted Scarves

We are still waiting for our phone lines to be restored >>>!!@##?*&##…. I am relying on wi-fi cafes and library’s. I am stitching a cape/vest that is in silk to be dyed this week along with some op shop silk goodies that I have picked up along the way, will post some photo next time. I have the photo’s of the felted arm (hand ) knitted scarves, one is for Ula has not been felted.

re visit arm knitting

It is funny what comes of having a blog it is a little like a garage sale ( or yard sale ) people buy the things that you least likely expect …… I get more hits on arm knitting ( more like hands for me ) than anything else ! It is a skill I picked up a while back now and have decided to re invest my interest as I have discovered heaps of  yarn/ wool in my New Year house tidy/organization . Good excuse to get theses hands working again and it is sooooo quick ….

I  I intend to felt these scarves they are 3 stands one of them being 100% wool that will shrink … I hope enough to make a difference and change the look/ texture and all going well the will be added to my  etsy store


weekend away

It feels like forever since I had time to blog….. life has been caught up in a very busy work schedule (the real paid stuff )  We had a very welcome break on the weekend at our favorite camping spot and I got back into felting and a little dyeing and lots of R&R with the family.


Zest Fest

I am on the organizing committee for a local festival aptly named ” Zest Fest ” (all our citrus is ripe now ) we show case all things local and give our little community a main street for a day. Beechmont does not have a shop front, no convince store. Its a 20 k drive to the nearest shops. This will be my last market for a while …. and my order for recycled Sari Ribbon ( along with silk and mordants ) arrived in time and it  is being knitted into necklaces.


















I also ordered some felters gauze a very loosely woven cotton muslin that I have sandwich with wool roving and embellished with some locally spun wool. I have a big day of rolling in front of me, think it will be a foot job !!

Vilte Workshop



What a day… nine am till seven pm  … but worth the aching feet and the rolling shoulders.

Vilte (from Lithuanian) taught 12 of us from novice to seasoned felt makers some techniques for texture in felt and WOW what a day, this was held at Wendy Bailye’s studio in Samford.

We all  made four samples each and then attempted a larger piece using our favorite techniques that we had been taught, I got mine laid out and wet down, but with a 2 hour drive home in front of me I had to call it a day.


“Cardinal Convert”

Well it is finished and I’m about to deliver the ” Cardinal Convert ” table runner to Irene @ the centre.

The silk scarf that is the base came from an op shop and has been embellished with silk scraps, wool roving  and thread then felted together, I also did  some detail stitching and beading.

The exhibition opens for a month @ The Centre at Beaudesert  from 29th February  …



Nuno Felt on Silk and Cotton

I have been busy felting my little heart out. I had a special order (which has been dispatched ) but wanted to  share with you.The use of re purposing an op shop scarf into the scarf. I am really happy with the result and it has given me some new ideas.











I have almost finished the piece that will go in the opening exhibition for the Open Studios ( Scenic Rim Council) It was to be a shawl/ stole but has shrunk too much…. so now it is a table runner / wall hanging, I want to finish it with some stitching and beading.

And lastly I have found a lovely soft green muslin cotton shawl that I have lightly embellished  with wool and a little silk, a great look for a summer evening.

Back in the Swing


Ahhh…. so long since my last post ….. but I am back in the swing now the kids are back at school and the rain is pouring down so no excuses, other than being distracted by my work room. I am waiting on some Red wool roving to arrive, so I can start a new piece for an exhibition @the Centre  for The Open Studios in the Scenic Rim Shire.

But in the mean time I have bought the latest Art-wear publication “Felt” and “Embellish” they always have great articles to inspire me and this month it is Liz Evans article on “Pots of Felt” and they are such fun


I have also found this great book at the local Library



So I have been searching through my drawers for old jumpers as well as the local Op Shops, thrown them in the washing machine on a hot wash to felt them, but that’s as far as I have got ……

Keep you posted

Arm Knitting

I have noticed a some interest in arm knitting (I mentioned it in an earlier post) well I got my hands into action.Teresa Dair was at the craft/ quilt fair in Brisbane(I have put her link in my blog roll).

I went to her work shop and bought the instructions , it is a bit tricky to get you head / hands  around but once you get it  it’s  fun and quick.The instructions talk about felting the scarf so you need to use a wool that will felt/shrink and one or two more that won’t , I have not felted this one yet ….. am undecided about changing the look