jar magic

I have been stuffing jars with silk thread and tissue silk in the Stuff Steep and Store method albeit with less store than some. I leave them on the balcony rail in the sun where they get visited by one of our cats.

This afternoon seemed like the right time to open two jars, one was Coreopsis flower with copper pictured third from the left {above}  and the other Montbretia flowers second from the left which are a weed here. Pictured on my new apron that has been made from an opshop (suspect) silk nightshirt, it has two pockets one especially for my trusty secateurs.


had to open the second jar

This morning the jar of goodies was bubbling the  purple carrots has stated to ferment ! the aroma was not so pleasant …. but alas the colour was, the yellow is Turmeric and I used tissue silk, Paj silk and a cotton hankie.

P1050666 P1050667

jar number two

I have wrapped another piece of tissue silk cause it makes such lovely twine/string some paj and a cotton hankie just to see what happens over time….this jar has purple carrot, turmeric and carrot tops let me see how long I can leave it out in the sun the lid is black and it seems to heat up well during the day.

P1050650 P1050651

un bundled

My little jar of tissue silk and silk floss sat for a whole two weeks ….. i am not so good on the store side of life ! The coreopsis is a sunny colour, the silk string and floss that wrapped my little bundles came out a wonderful shade the tissue silk is destine for string twining .

P1050631 P1050632

bundle in a jar

I follow India Flints Facebook page and she now has a new book out stuff, steep and store, I don’t have the book yet…. but have had a sneak preview here
I have also been following Elizabeth Bunsen and have decided to do her workshop in Newcastle in April