from mary

Some time ago I did a little barter with Local and Bespoke …. some raw alpaca fleece, for a small hank of her hand dyed (Eucalyptus) Alpaca that she hand spun.

And at long last I have a lovely circular/ infinity, cowl /collar to show for it, I was going to knit on circular needles but I got distracted by loom knitting. So easy and with the fine ply it has come out quite lacy and light but warm. Thanks M


a little suprise

I have knitted a lovely circular scarf from hand spun Alpaca so soft but very cream


On my travels around Beechmont there is one Euc that has been cut down but keeps on re shooting  so I have collected them in hope of colour…..


I slipped these beautiful leaves inside the scarf and decided to collect some windfalls from my own yard ( I did not take any photos of them ) and bundle the lot up and too my utter amazement it was on of my little windfalls that was my Surprise !!!


a parcel in the post

I receive some extras in a parcel from Melbourne….Thanks N  yummy milky merino (jersey fabric) and skeins of what I think is very fine silk or maybe linen ? some sari silk, cotton and silk threads, a couple of leaves and am looking forward to some more play time ….




re visit arm knitting

It is funny what comes of having a blog it is a little like a garage sale ( or yard sale ) people buy the things that you least likely expect …… I get more hits on arm knitting ( more like hands for me ) than anything else ! It is a skill I picked up a while back now and have decided to re invest my interest as I have discovered heaps of  yarn/ wool in my New Year house tidy/organization . Good excuse to get theses hands working again and it is sooooo quick ….

I  I intend to felt these scarves they are 3 stands one of them being 100% wool that will shrink … I hope enough to make a difference and change the look/ texture and all going well the will be added to my  etsy store


the cake is made

I made my favorite Christmas cake yesterday a much loved recipe from a great Australian cook Belinda Jeffery  the link to the recipe is here cake recipe so easy and tasty no fuss. Which is wear I am at my body has just told me to take a break … I have shingles .  So it will all have to wait…. Christmas is low key ( off camping for 5 days )

I have cast on some knitting…. 5 ply Eucalyptus dyed wool and that might be it for me for a while, although the dye pot will have to go camping too .



P1030645 - Copy

Wool blanket from India Flint work shop have been stitching.. as is my desire  it will be  table runner





Joy and good wishes for the season……………

wool yarn


I am a fringe dweller as far as knitting is concerned …. but I could not help myself when I found a local ( Australian woolen mill )  Bendigo Woolen Mills  So much of our yarn comes from over the seas. I am more interested in dyeing the wool than knitting it! I have stashed some fennel tops, carrot tops and coreopsis flowers in abundance,  just have to mordant the yarn.

Zest Fest

I am on the organizing committee for a local festival aptly named ” Zest Fest ” (all our citrus is ripe now ) we show case all things local and give our little community a main street for a day. Beechmont does not have a shop front, no convince store. Its a 20 k drive to the nearest shops. This will be my last market for a while …. and my order for recycled Sari Ribbon ( along with silk and mordants ) arrived in time and it  is being knitted into necklaces.


















I also ordered some felters gauze a very loosely woven cotton muslin that I have sandwich with wool roving and embellished with some locally spun wool. I have a big day of rolling in front of me, think it will be a foot job !!

More on the Knit Bomb

We were busy beavers  stitching and crocheting all the rugs together at Bec’s the other day in readiness for the Knit Bomb

So if you are around on the 23rd June the unveiling will be on in Dougherty Park  Mt Tamborine

Following is some snap shots of our meeting last week…

This knitting has really appealed to me we are covering a couple of Rocks with knitting …. random just like me


Knit Bomb


Oh what fun …. Bec has really started something here,  her little studio was packed to the rafters.

We all signed up and are busily knitting squares to make a very big rug to go over a shelter shed !


See Bec’s web page on my blog roll for more info….