camping bundles

I love nothing more than potting around the camp, rolling a couple of bundles then building the fire for my pot. We had a strong southerly winds that challenged us and a spot of rain. Bundjalung National Park has a creek that I collected the water for the pot, it is tannin and slightly bracken( not sure if this made any difference to the outcome) Dyed two lots of silk embroidery thread using lids to sandwich the leaves and thread.



I played with paper, wool blanket, milky merino stitched into infinity scarves, wool jersey and a long sleeve thermal just for me.


milky merino scarf

The milky merino takes colour up beautifully …. it is a pain that the edges roll so readily even after stitching. My other experiments are destine for my Etsy Shop they are cotton wool mix and have coloured up well considering the unknown wool content ( not stated on the label ) the other is a little silk blouse from my op shop.

I will be back to update my etsy shop after my trip to Sydney, hope you all like the small peoples eco clothing ……

a parcel in the post

I receive some extras in a parcel from Melbourne….Thanks N  yummy milky merino (jersey fabric) and skeins of what I think is very fine silk or maybe linen ? some sari silk, cotton and silk threads, a couple of leaves and am looking forward to some more play time ….