joys of purple carrot

While the weather is hot I find it arduous to boil up a big pot. Simplifying things down to jar size has been fun. Purple carrot has become a bit of a star along with Coriopsis flowers.

I have been using up small scraps of material and embroidery thread which is silk and is available on my Etsy Store.

The next few photos show the colour shift and oxidation of the purple carrot from wet to dry then after washing.


This is wet and just out of the jar pre boiled and sat outside for not quite a month. I have put one in storage and do plan to leave it for a whole year, silk boxer shorts with eucalyptus and flowers from my Christmas bouquet.

Now to my surprise this is the colour shift a couple of hours latter…..

Then I washed and pressed the pieces cotton, silk velvet, wool jersey that had previously  been bundle dyed and thread silk and wool.




had to open the second jar

This morning the jar of goodies was bubbling the  purple carrots has stated to ferment ! the aroma was not so pleasant …. but alas the colour was, the yellow is Turmeric and I used tissue silk, Paj silk and a cotton hankie.

P1050666 P1050667

jar number two

I have wrapped another piece of tissue silk cause it makes such lovely twine/string some paj and a cotton hankie just to see what happens over time….this jar has purple carrot, turmeric and carrot tops let me see how long I can leave it out in the sun the lid is black and it seems to heat up well during the day.

P1050650 P1050651

silk squares

The pot had 2 hours on the stove and at the last minute I put in a couple of slices of purple carrot from the crisper (not my garden) but well past it’s use by date and put a couple of stands of lichen from a brew that is looking very Purple ! The baking paper did not stop the seeping as I thought it would …  I am very happy with the results….. I may have to make some bigger ones and start a quilt! The Euc Perriniana must need more time and may be better on wool as it did not really show out .





Bundles of Wattle

I had a branch break from wet blossom on a lovely wattle, I took the opportunity to boil it up for colour.

I stripped the leaves off as much as possible,  kept some softer tops for bundling.

In to the trusty pot and boiled for a couple of hours. I had pre mordant-ed two cotton tops in alum and cream of tarter.

The colour is a limey yellow and I bundled both of the tops one with Japanese maple and the other with the Wattle and Purple carrot.

The little bundles are awaiting for my impatient fingers to unravel them … be patient Wendi !

They will be ready for Zest Fest

Getting ready for Mothers Day


Well I’ve done it again only days to go and I am busy stitching and dying … I have a new top in the dye pot as I type..and I hope to wear it on Sunday. After my visit to Wendy Bailye’s Studio I have re discovered Lichen, my results after soaking the lichen in cloudy ammonia then adding the liquor to the dye bath.

I am not a pink kinda girl but bundled with purple carrot and autumn leaves I’ll give it ago. Above is the results of nuno texture felt  that has been dyed with lichen the colour variation between the materials is stunning ! I have added some snap shots of bits and pieces that I will have with me on Sunday at Arts in the Olives.

Cherry Guava and Rosella

The left over purple carrot dye pot still had colour so I rustled up another scarf  (one that had been previously dyed) I put it in the dye pot and warmed it up for a bit then bundled up with these goodies Cherry Guava , Rosella and its leaves.

Tied up and put back in the pot for more of a simmer, the Cherry Guava is very potent and let out lots more pink.The bundle change a lot over the last 10 days…..

Purple Carrot

Our kids were at our neighbours the other morning and Jasper came home with a Purple Carrot from Nik and Cal, they thought I might like to try it out as a dye  ….. only one carrot  did not seem like much and we all had a bite to make sure it was a carrot ! I grated the carrot and  found some silk scraps, paj and tissue silk and through in a piece of wool roving as well.

Am so glad I did…. the pictures are testament to the Purple Carrot

After being boiled up

( I think it is a F1 hybrid so you won’t find the Seeds at Eden Seeds but we did find some seedlings at one of those big stores )