a look in my garden

Had a lovely walk in my garden today, am astounded at what is in flower at the moment. We have had very little spring rain, maybe that has helped in some way as this is the first time the olive tree has flowered.



Making Quince Paste / Jam

I have photographed steps to make Quince jam/ paste ( for a clear jelly it would need to be strained through muslin)

Fruit Fly damage

Quince roughly chopped and into water




Boiled till it becomes mush




Strained through a large colander




The liquid left is measured and I put in 75% sugar (( I use this method for all my jam making)

The sugar and liquid is then boiled till setting point longer for a firmer result

mmmm …… ready for that blue cheese

Quince Count

The count is in and there was 7kg of Quinces came off the broken branch! I made a pot of Davidson Plum Jam ( had about 750 grams of plums ). The Bananas are ripening and delicious great colour, different to shop bought .ImageImage


We welcomed 4 new girls( Araucana) to our chook house they are settling in. We are hopping they will start to lay before Winter and the exciting thing is that they lay blue eggs ! I’m guessing that we will have one with blue eggs and three with maybe green ? My theory is their leg colour will determine the egg colour ..




Davidson Plum

I was so excited to see these little purple/blue plums on the ground … our trees have fruited for the first time .

This Australian native plum makes the best jam in the world , other than quince of course. We have four trees growing three have fruit now and the other is in flower.











I have made one batch of Quince jelly with the first of the fallen fruit, I have not beaten the fruit flies but am able to cut around the pests and use most of the fruit.

One branch is so heavy with fruit that it has broken! I will have to weigh up the spoils when I pick them all.


I am keen to squash some of the over ripe plums on to a silk scarf and bundle it  up for a while, we have a rainy day here today so that will be a good indoor project ……