New work

we have a very supportive local- ish cafe that hangs artist work for six weeks or so … these three pieces are on their way to Poppis Cafe at Boonah



new to me ….old copper boiler

a while back we came across a malleys laundry boiler ( Bertha )and while it worked it was a gem, but alas the element died and a replacement was more $ than I expected. Peter came across an old gas fired copper at a garage / yard sale and bought it for me. What a find it is bubbling away as I type, filled with the makings of a wool blanket coat and a piece of silky merino.

recycle wool blanket

This material is one of my first loves and when i started using eucalyptus in my practice the two made the best ever combination.

Recycle …..Renew ….. Sustainable

The wool used here will be made into cushions and table runners, but in the past clothing as well.

vital signs

I have bravely entered our regional (Queensland ) art awards. The Cushion that I entered has evolved as does a lot of my work…. and while I am stitching away, the pieces remind me of our rivers, fires and renewal…… here is a snap shot


The theme of this years award is “vital signs” so here it is at the Flying Arts Website my last name begins with T so I am at the bottom of the page “Elements of a New Beginning ”



camping bundles

I love nothing more than potting around the camp, rolling a couple of bundles then building the fire for my pot. We had a strong southerly winds that challenged us and a spot of rain. Bundjalung National Park has a creek that I collected the water for the pot, it is tannin and slightly bracken( not sure if this made any difference to the outcome) Dyed two lots of silk embroidery thread using lids to sandwich the leaves and thread.



I played with paper, wool blanket, milky merino stitched into infinity scarves, wool jersey and a long sleeve thermal just for me.

a little bit of heart

Busying myself for a weekend of sharing, pow wow’s and fun. Open Studio runs over two days so I may not have a voice on Monday. Then the next weekend here in Australia is Mothers Day and I will be out at Arts in the Olives for the day workshoping and my stall womened by the lovely Lisa and myself when I can …… with loads of Bundle Dyed Clothing and Gifts……. hear are some of the hearts I have been working on…


great results but no name

I unwrapped a couple of the test samples that I had in the pot yesterday, I was not only testing leaves but fabric too. A silk wool blend, an unknown from an op shop, some new silk and wool blanket. I will let the photos show you the results. My only statement is that my Eucalyptus Cinerea is stunning at the moment we have not had much rain and am wondering if that makes the difference. We have two names so far Euc Crenulata or Euc Pulverulenta, thanks to those who commented are we any closer…. does it matter ?