day out at the fabric store

I had a day out on Thursday off to the big smoke (Brisbane ) to my newly discovered fabric store that  had 30% off prices so I made my way up on the train. Most enjoyable but glad I don’t have to do it every day!

Am sorry I did not pull my camera out in the store, to show you the great expanse of fabric to choose from.
Found my way to the wool and silk and bought 3 meters of the wool jersey that I have already tested. Was taken with a silk that has bulk and structure its name eludes me ( I have a special project for but must test it first! ) I also came away with two samples a wool/ linen mix and a wool jersey that is on sale.

wool jersey and linen wool blend

I did not mordant these samples just soaked them in a water / vinegar mix

laid out on a wool blanket


unrolling the bundle

nice result

the linen wool blend is stunning


the wool blanket

The fun bit is not only seeing the results of the samples but then I end up with a lovely piece of wool blanket to fashion into a new life. I must go back and buy some of the wool linen mix I am very taken with the result.