Purple Carrot

Our kids were at our neighbours the other morning and Jasper came home with a Purple Carrot from Nik and Cal, they thought I might like to try it out as a dye  ….. only one carrot  did not seem like much and we all had a bite to make sure it was a carrot ! I grated the carrot and  found some silk scraps, paj and tissue silk and through in a piece of wool roving as well.

Am so glad I did…. the pictures are testament to the Purple Carrot

After being boiled up

( I think it is a F1 hybrid so you won’t find the Seeds at Eden Seeds but we did find some seedlings at one of those big stores )





New Plantings

Ula and I have been getting the vege patch back up and running. We started with seeds in loo roll cardboard and I am hooked easy to  thin out the  excess and plant the whole thing in the ground.

We planted these seeds  Beans, Kale, Lettuce and Tomato on the 4th of February, and planted the Beans into the garden on the 13th February cardboard and all so easy……   yesterday I put in  Spinach and Silverbeet and am going to give Carrots a go as well.