happy new year

It seems like forever since I posted a blog and dare I say wrapped some cloth and leaves….. the kids are home on holiday, the summer is hot and I find the idea of a boiling pot for 3 hours or so just too much. Yesterday we had record heat wave that sent me into my sewing room for most of the day, a tidy up and a little log cabining resulted. Today the breeze is around but still warm so the shady deck was my spot. I got out a UFO that has been left for longer than I dare to admit, Ula and Jasper gave me a hand for 5 minutes and lost interest but now it is finished and waiting a good grout. I hope the birds that swim in it appreciate its beauty !


sewing sunday

I have made two new cushions today…. brushing up on my sewing in zips…. I had thought of putting them on Etsy but they suit our lounge so well that they are staying. The orange mohair I picked up at an op shop ages ago it was put out as dog blanket ! great save ….I have enough let to make a blanket too maybe with an eco dyed edging.