a week of rest and play

We have rented a house for a week away by the sea….. with two new books in hand and a box of goodies to play with, no dye pot on this trip.


this is the view out the window and the migrating whales give us a show every day…..

the boys have flown, we’ve walked, snorkelled and combed the shore for treasure.


out of the copper

the joy of un bundling never diminishes …. i now have a lovely soft set of cuffs ….. and a piece of tube silky merino sadly not big enough for India Flint’s great idea here 

time gets away…….

I am afraid I cant even remember my last post …… most of my time has been gobbled up by work, end of year school events, family and other types of media. I have become a bit of an instagram girl,  one photo and some wording quick and easy or lazy might be another term. Christmas is around the corner and  we are camping at the beach for a week keeping us well away from the yule tide craziness that sweeps this nation. Our camp sadly is not some secluded  beach hide away but a caravan park at a lovely little beach @ Elliott Heads near Bundaberg. I do have a pot and some scarves with me and I will roll some bundles this afternoon and boil a brew on gas. But in the mean time the water beckons.

where have i been


How time fly’s i have been busy but not totally with my arts practice !

That is about to change as I am about to teach for two days at The Mudbrick Herb Cottage @ Mudgreeaba

As a Family we had a weeks holiday at Rainbow Beach, the house we rented was only a walk to town and across the road from the beach. This didn’t really give me the opportunity to boil up big brews but i was able to sneak in a small pot and dye some thread. The little township has grown and has some funky little cafes, gelato parlor and art gallery’s. Jilartys cafe had workshops available and i spent an afternoon making moss balls for plants. And next time i am in town i will run some sort of workshop for them.




camping bundles

I love nothing more than potting around the camp, rolling a couple of bundles then building the fire for my pot. We had a strong southerly winds that challenged us and a spot of rain. Bundjalung National Park has a creek that I collected the water for the pot, it is tannin and slightly bracken( not sure if this made any difference to the outcome) Dyed two lots of silk embroidery thread using lids to sandwich the leaves and thread.



I played with paper, wool blanket, milky merino stitched into infinity scarves, wool jersey and a long sleeve thermal just for me.

some great bundles

We had a divine stay at the national park in Minne Water such fun was had by us all surf, snorkeling, bundle pot over the fire, walking on the beach and head lands, kite flying, rock pools, fishing and had the wind been kinder paragliding but sadly the wing gods were not on his side …..  all great R n R in our books. I have posted this at home as the internet connection was dismally slow from our telstra connection. Big Bertha the road side pick up ( an electric Malleys washing copper that is actually aluminum ) is a goer so she will make it out for my fist play day next week !

a bit of camping

We started to head back north, after a couple of nights in Harrington, off to our a favorite camp at Minnie Water. We took a couple of side roads that take us into the coast as this area is not familiar territory… you just got to take a look !   We had heard of Corindi Beach and Red Rock but never visited before no National Park to camp at but the Caravan park is fine .  I am having no luck with getting a bundle wrapped I have paper ready and a linen shirt waiting but I can not have a fire to brew over :(   but …. I will survive… maybe one on our stove later today.  Fun was had this morning on the incoming tide, we put in a the mouth of the inlet and let the water carry you up stream.