camping at gumridge


A body of work is born with a couple of days away camping in the Scenic Rim

The  “Gumridge Collection ” will be available for purchase through my instagram account soon so if you wish to see them …….  follow me ecowott  


the silk noil scrim is a winner

The results are in an the noil scrim is great I was a bit concerned because the weave is a bit open. I used a couple of different leaves on the wool blanket  only to discover they don’t give any colour but… wool is wonderful in the way it imprints  the leaves / flowers texture.


mm… green

I have been playing with some paj silk that I have made into triangular scarves… a bit of hand stitching … two of the scarves were quickly  mordant-ed  with copper water ( copper bits in a jar with vinegar and water ) I used some leaves that I could  predict the outcome like quandong and rose leaves others like dock weed, clary sage and pear tree were unknown ….. and had some lovely surprises especially the clary sage.

These  scarves are especially lovely for the spring /summer weather and will be added to my market stock for this Friday night at the Miami Marketta.

PS   dock weed just went slimy


the scarf competetion

I have entered one of my wool jersey scarves in the 5th annual scarf festival at  The wool museum in Geelong, it opens  7th June so if you are in the neighbourhood go take a peep for me. I finished it off with a little hand stitching round the edges, it was amiss of me not to take a photo of the finished product ! It is the print below and is one of my favorites, a big thanks goes to Nik for a helping hand on the wording for the statement.


P1030728The Leaves of Home “

re visit arm knitting

It is funny what comes of having a blog it is a little like a garage sale ( or yard sale ) people buy the things that you least likely expect …… I get more hits on arm knitting ( more like hands for me ) than anything else ! It is a skill I picked up a while back now and have decided to re invest my interest as I have discovered heaps of  yarn/ wool in my New Year house tidy/organization . Good excuse to get theses hands working again and it is sooooo quick ….

I  I intend to felt these scarves they are 3 stands one of them being 100% wool that will shrink … I hope enough to make a difference and change the look/ texture and all going well the will be added to my  etsy store


Those Shrunken Jumpers

I am still at it……. can’t go past an op shop without a peek for a woollen jumper or a silk scarf. Ula and I had a crafty day,  I made my first cut into the Wollies that I have tortured  in the washing machine. The sleeves make great phone holders and we tried out a couple of Teddie patterns. One of the jumpers was an Aran in cream and I will get one handbag ans two cushion covers from it, all in readiness for my stall at Art in the Olives on May 13th.


I have nuno felted these two stoles in readiness for my busy months ahead … Three markets in Two months !!



Plum on Silk

Have squished some Davidson plums onto a couple of  silk scarves  and wrapped them up for a week or so…. I always have trouble not to open the bundles I make…..The plum is a great pink purple and travels into a blue as well. I was gifted the last batch from a friend (my trees have finished bearing) who then sent me on a wild food forage for more and Bingo we found them.

Bundled up and a 20 minute steam

Both of these scarves has been coloured previous and thus the different results….



I have one last one wrapped up which is mine, I have included some gum leaves and wrapped it round an old iron bolt will show you the results latter… and will stop myself  from unwrapping it too soon! The rest of the spoils will be made into jam.