The Finished Knit Bomb

We got up to the park early on Saturday morning, plenty of activity stitching and sewing on the crochet baubles. We had the local coffee shop delivering hot drink’s and then the local fire brigade turned up to install the very large rug!!!>>>>

Thanks Bec for the knitting journey of community and friendship  !


More on the Knit Bomb

We were busy beavers  stitching and crocheting all the rugs together at Bec’s the other day in readiness for the Knit Bomb

So if you are around on the 23rd June the unveiling will be on in Dougherty Park  Mt Tamborine

Following is some snap shots of our meeting last week…

This knitting has really appealed to me we are covering a couple of Rocks with knitting …. random just like me


Knit Bomb


Oh what fun …. Bec has really started something here,  her little studio was packed to the rafters.

We all signed up and are busily knitting squares to make a very big rug to go over a shelter shed !


See Bec’s web page on my blog roll for more info….