jar magic

I have been stuffing jars with silk thread and tissue silk in the Stuff Steep and Store method albeit with less store than some. I leave them on the balcony rail in the sun where they get visited by one of our cats.

This afternoon seemed like the right time to open two jars, one was Coreopsis flower with copper pictured third from the left {above}  and the other Montbretia flowers second from the left which are a weed here. Pictured on my new apron that has been made from an opshop (suspect) silk nightshirt, it has two pockets one especially for my trusty secateurs.


t’is the season


Wishing You a Happy Christmas time and the best for the coming Year…. the bouquet from my garden will become a bundle ….

in my garden

This morning the air is fresh and the sun is shining a wander with my cup of tea beckoned, we have a multitude of flowers in bloom at present.

In the Eucalypts we have a male koala in one tree and a mother and baby in another sadly the phone camera is not up to the challenge of distance. I shall take the real camera out later and see if I can capture these wonderful creatures.

a week of rest and play

We have rented a house for a week away by the sea….. with two new books in hand and a box of goodies to play with, no dye pot on this trip.


this is the view out the window and the migrating whales give us a show every day…..

the boys have flown, we’ve walked, snorkelled and combed the shore for treasure.