We have to cover these beauties very well  ( I use a net from a babies crib ) as all sorts of wild life love to eat  them even the chooks !!!  blueberry pancakes for desert tonight …..:)






Its Spring

Our lonely hen (we lost 5 to a fox or dog a while ago) is clucky and the Kids put a dozen fertilized eggs under her on Saturday ( only one breakage ) so hopefully we will have babies in 20 days or so….

While on a walk around the property today I stumbled upon a nest with two eggs. The tree is a Hoop Pine that I had planted a couple of years ago the nest belongs to a Eastern Yellow Robin.





We’ve got eggs! Blue ones !

Our first blue egg arrived on Saturday,  with many sequels of delight from Ula ! My leg /egg colour theory was blown out of the water as I worked out which girl laid the egg yesterday > and it was not the blue legged girl.



             and it was very yummy                                                              

Quince Count

The count is in and there was 7kg of Quinces came off the broken branch! I made a pot of Davidson Plum Jam ( had about 750 grams of plums ). The Bananas are ripening and delicious great colour, different to shop bought .ImageImage


We welcomed 4 new girls( Araucana) to our chook house they are settling in. We are hopping they will start to lay before Winter and the exciting thing is that they lay blue eggs ! I’m guessing that we will have one with blue eggs and three with maybe green ? My theory is their leg colour will determine the egg colour ..