in my garden part two


in my garden

This morning the air is fresh and the sun is shining a wander with my cup of tea beckoned, we have a multitude of flowers in bloom at present.

In the Eucalypts we have a male koala in one tree and a mother and baby in another sadly the phone camera is not up to the challenge of distance. I shall take the real camera out later and see if I can capture these wonderful creatures.

on holidays with time to blog


now I have time to tap at my key board …… we have had some nice stormy weather ( much needed as we rely on the rain for our water to drink and wash etc.  ) We always gravitate out to the deck after a storm to survey the sky and surrounds the light is at its best. To our delight there was a mother and large baby koala in the tree, such a treat to view.


the beach

After 5 days inland it was time to go east to the ocean … and oh what fun we had. One of my favorite books  that I read to our children was ” Magic Beach ” by Alison Lester ( Australian Author )

At our beach

at our magic beach ,

we walk when its cloudy and grey.

looking for driftwood, feather and shells

washed up on the edge of the bay……

This is us to a T we always are mesmerism by the rock pools full of discovery and the rainforest parks on the mountains behind the ocean. Our first stop was a little place named Bonnie Hills, then north to Minnie Water. (I could live there) I have too many photos to post at once so will put together another gallery.

Bonnie Hills and Surrounds

More trees….. Bigger this time

I have struggled to harvest any leaves from the trees I purchased some time ago.. One died (cordata) …. one eaten( Tasmanian Blue Gum ) by my friend the koala ! the cinera has struggled and the Nicholi has also been munched. My trip to Bunnings in search for some nice flowering perennials…. resulted in a Cinerea and a Citradora ( am unsure of the resulting colour )


Stop press the Citradora results are in…. limey yellow but all 3 bundles resulted in a lot of yellow I used wood ash in the water ???

Eucalyptus Salinga part two

The day went past and we checked on the Koala’s where about’s on many occasions, I now believe it to be a him as late in the day he was moving about and found  himself a little friend !

The light was low and the picture quality is poor but I am sure you get the idea, and today they have gone……. alas that is the way of the Koala.


Eucalyptus Salinga in my yard

A wonderful blog I follow Local and Bespoke posted about a Sydney Blue Gum ( Eucalyptus Salinga ) in her area. We have many in our yard/district and one very close to the house a majestic girl she is….. I too have not had had a great success at drawing the light orange from the leaves that Jean Carmen’s Book ( from the 70’s) suggests will result. But in the mean time we have had a Koala residing in it She /He has been there all week through record heat and now 30 knot winds. I will post an older photo as well as it is  a cracker anyone would think it was staged.






This one was taken a couple of seasons ago  2011 / 2012

koala 012