camping at gumridge


A body of work is born with a couple of days away camping in the Scenic Rim

The  “Gumridge Collection ” will be available for purchase through my instagram account soon so if you wish to see them …….  follow me ecowott  


recycle wool blanket

This material is one of my first loves and when i started using eucalyptus in my practice the two made the best ever combination.

Recycle …..Renew ….. Sustainable

The wool used here will be made into cushions and table runners, but in the past clothing as well.

vital signs

I have bravely entered our regional (Queensland ) art awards. The Cushion that I entered has evolved as does a lot of my work…. and while I am stitching away, the pieces remind me of our rivers, fires and renewal…… here is a snap shot


The theme of this years award is “vital signs” so here it is at the Flying Arts Website my last name begins with T so I am at the bottom of the page “Elements of a New Beginning ”



winter time blues…


Blue its every where I look …… some how I seemed to have missed the indigo train.

But I have played with some paper ….

P1060144It is not indigo but a wash of hibiscus tea that starts out pink

P1060146a little stitching and I still dream of blue ….




mothers day

An early start to a big day out and I could not do it without the rest of the family, a trailer to pack and unload, canopy to erect and stock to display but it is worth it. The day Arts in the Olives is set in a valley named The Lost World. This year they had 2000 people through the gate and we were busy bees all day.

and a thanks to the photos by Sandra  from Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm

two fun days teaching

Loads of fun bundling , sharing , laughter and learning. My big pot got the work out of its life these girls were unstoppable and keen to challenge themselves and at times even my abstract mind !

A big thank you to Jacki at ATASDA for inviting me to tutor, I left yesterday with a gift of a piece of copper that I will cherish for years to come thank you Elaine.

Thank you one and all catch up again soon :)




I have a stash of men’s shirts in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fabrics. I have taken the scissor challenge and chopped into them aka India Flints book Second Skin. India did show us at the last workshop I did in Stamford Valley. Alas the style is not for me I have too much bust for it to suit, that does not stop me trying it out Number One has found a home ( sorry no photos ) Number two is divine a silk shirt of excellent quality, and it is in the dye pot now.I have used some of the leaves from my journey south and some from my own  Euc Cinerea tree. While the pot is on I cannot boil one bundle it seems wasteful of time and energy so the rest of the baby cotton / wool vests are in, I have soya milk mordant them to see if I get a shift in the colour take up ?


more cotton and linen

My gig at Arts in the Olives is just a week away ….. and just to stretch myself I decided too try the soy ( water and soya beans ) dip for the cotton and linen from Local and Bespoke, I have tried the egg dip but found the egg smell a little over powering. So a couple of cotton and linen numbers all from op shops got their treatment over a couple of days. I have dyed 3 of them and am happy with the results. The leaves have been soaking in rust water which has given off a lovely purple / mauve hue. I have a linen dress that I will dye for me to wear on the day I ran some darts in the back, cut out the lining and put a little silk hand stitching round the neck line. I hope to dye it this weekend as with a hundred other jobs that need doing……..


all the c’s

The leaves I bought from home are E cinerea, E curtsii, E citradora and E cladocaly x they are all different shapes which is appealing to me, may be with a bit of age(on the tree) these leaves will give a better result.  I have Jean Carman’s book with me so I am reading up on her work, shame the book is not full of tree/leaf photos….. are well cant have it all.


Easter 2013 056

from left Cladocaly x ,Cinerea, Curtsii and Citradora