to be featured @ the ekka

A couple of posts ago I had mentioned that I had been invited to contribute to the  RNA Brisbane Exhibition’s Agricultural Pavilion – Gardens Platform  Horti-Couture
Wearing your Garden catwalk parade at the Ekka ( Brisbane’s Show / Agricultural Fair )

Well I have ….. and the first parade is on at lunchtime Saturday 9th then Wednesday 13th then again on Saturday 16th.

I have made a dress from a deconstructed wool polo ( a skill well taught by India Flint and the Shape Shifter workshop), a pinafore from a man’s shirt and wool leggings with a linen skirt. I do hope that Bettina can send me some photos of the models… but here is a sneak preview


Ula’s pinafore

I made this pinafore from a ladies linen shirt and I took it to Brisbane when the Botanique sale was on ….. Ula spotted it when we were unpacking she decide then and there that it would be her’s I had to make a couple of adjustments and must admit it looks great on her slim square frame.I have been playing with the new camera on my phone….. very funky arty shots

Created with Nokia Smart Cam Created with Nokia Smart Cam

un bundled pinafore

I have tested some silk fabric I bought at the fabric store in Brisbane,  a silk / lycra mix with a lovely sheen and slight stretch.  One of my students used a piece at the workshop a couple of weeks ago and the outcome was a little disappointing ( I have bought 2 meters of this fabric ! ) I soaked the silk first in water and vinegar and layered it with leaves and sandwiched it in the copper plate, along with lids, leaves and more silk squares BINGO !!! I also had two silk pinafore aprons made from upcycled silk shirts in the same pot one is a copper colour and one baby pink…. (I was not sure of the out comes here….. but have been pleasantly surprised )


Mono Printing Workshop


I am off to Mt Tamborine tomorrow to my friend Bec Andersen’s Studio to part take in a Sandra Pearce workshop Mono Printing . I am a bit excited as it is a different medium for me, I have got a stash of leaves and flowers to take with me but other than that I will keep you posted with my out comes.  Mean while I will un bundle two silk pinafore/ aprons tomorrow… what will that bring ??

Monoprinting Workshop copy

yesterdays bundles

I am thrilled with yesterdays bundles the soya milk mordant has worked a treat on the cotton wool blend. the leaves I collected have not shown the impact that I suspected from them,  except  one slim longish leaf I that only had a couple of. The silk pinafore is light and delicate as its new to be owner was after a subtle out come. The Baby wear I will get posted onto Etsy soon but if you cant wait just contact me for more details.