Back in the Swing


Ahhh…. so long since my last post ….. but I am back in the swing now the kids are back at school and the rain is pouring down so no excuses, other than being distracted by my work room. I am waiting on some Red wool roving to arrive, so I can start a new piece for an exhibition @the Centre  for The Open Studios in the Scenic Rim Shire.

But in the mean time I have bought the latest Art-wear publication “Felt” and “Embellish” they always have great articles to inspire me and this month it is Liz Evans article on “Pots of Felt” and they are such fun


I have also found this great book at the local Library



So I have been searching through my drawers for old jumpers as well as the local Op Shops, thrown them in the washing machine on a hot wash to felt them, but that’s as far as I have got ……

Keep you posted