once in a blue moon

It only happens every so often….once in a blue moon….. our son was born on one nearly 19 years ago, so they are pretty special to us.

I spent a day in November at an indigo/shibori workshop which was a real treat, great fun and very informative.

and while away camping I have started to build a stitched blue moon…..




getting ready for my first solo exhibition

a seek peek……these are some of the works for my exhibition opening this weekend.

Saturday 12th August at the Boonah Regional Art Gallery on High st Boonah QLD.

The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday and the exhibition runs till the 24th September.

I will be hosting an afternoon tea and artist talk about my journey so far on Sunday the 27th August  3 pm till 4 pm cost $5.00  email me if you wish to come along  ecowott@gmail.com

ring around the moon #fullmoon #textileart #handstitch #ecowott

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barnacle 1, 2, 3 and 4 ready for their frames

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opening my mind

I spent a week in January at Summer School in Ballarat with Roxanne Lasky, it was mindful and fulfilling experience.


open mind

think about thinking

value silence

finding my pathways ….. in landscape and cross roads …. mapping my thoughts with stitch

my take on topography #pathway #topography #meander

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And just a a couple of weeks ago I spent 3 days with India Flint on Mount Tamborine “being (t)here” workshop.

Another sublime experience …… more words ….. they now sing in my head

I have never been a wordy soul…. oral yes, and now around me I see and feel words.

I was almost too afraid to attend a “being (t) here” workshop as the idea of poetry , albeit lack of it in my life was going to put me in a scary space.

India has an amazing talent and is an engaging teacher, I have come away from my three days of  freedom to explore with a new spin on my ability to see and hear through new eyes and ears.

the hands of a master #beingthere #indiaflint

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tis the season ……

Greeting of the season …..  a snap shot of my year

Beach finds

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those little stitches just keep coming #wip #bigbang #recycledlinen

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next wip #slowstitch #naturaldye #paper #cloth #indigo #moon

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silky merino, eucalyptus & the trusty copper #bundledye #naturaldye

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natures love letters

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and here’s to a productive, creative and fun filled 2017 xx

a trip away to summer school

excitedly I booked for a week with Elizabeth Bunsen at Summer School in Ballarat, sadly Elizabeth had to cancel but I am sure we will see her again some time soon.

So now I am going to spend a week with Roxanne Laskey immersing myself in threads of meaning. Just think a whole week no cooking/washing or cleaning….. just stitching !

I have been working on a couple of pieces for the exhibition The Challenge

rebirth the universe

re-purposed linen table runner……. dipped in the ocean….. bundled with leaves ….then filled with white stitches

The other is  Black and White very out of my comfort zone I have built a collage using a technique taught by Cas Holmes

ode to aubrey  it is an ode to my Grandfather Aubrey  and still in need of more stitching to finish this piece off

warm wishes for 2016

as a good bye to 2015 here are some of my endeavours over the past year…

see i am still dyeing

More lovely colour #naturaldye #garden #

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and sewing

playing with hexagons

found some new endeavours

so happy new year

Yumminess made with love #handmade #loveyourthread #naturaldye

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Good wishes to you all for a creative 2016..


new work

I have produced some new dress/slips to go into a couple of catwalk events.

I enjoy this immensely letting my inner fashion designer out ….I also have a daughter with a good eye and this helps make the final decisions.