nature at the beach

Our four day weekend at Minnie Water in the Yuraygir National Park another memorable camp… walks through the bush and on the beach. spring emerging with flowers, texture at every turn…. loads of pumice and driftwood.The kids ( big and small) made a fence of drift wood. We had day trip up the Gwydir range to Washpool National Park listened to the lire birds call and walked through the rainforest ….. bliss



Bundles of Wattle

I had a branch break from wet blossom on a lovely wattle, I took the opportunity to boil it up for colour.

I stripped the leaves off as much as possible,  kept some softer tops for bundling.

In to the trusty pot and boiled for a couple of hours. I had pre mordant-ed two cotton tops in alum and cream of tarter.

The colour is a limey yellow and I bundled both of the tops one with Japanese maple and the other with the Wattle and Purple carrot.

The little bundles are awaiting for my impatient fingers to unravel them … be patient Wendi !

They will be ready for Zest Fest

Davidson Plum

I was so excited to see these little purple/blue plums on the ground … our trees have fruited for the first time .

This Australian native plum makes the best jam in the world , other than quince of course. We have four trees growing three have fruit now and the other is in flower.











I have made one batch of Quince jelly with the first of the fallen fruit, I have not beaten the fruit flies but am able to cut around the pests and use most of the fruit.

One branch is so heavy with fruit that it has broken! I will have to weigh up the spoils when I pick them all.


I am keen to squash some of the over ripe plums on to a silk scarf and bundle it  up for a while, we have a rainy day here today so that will be a good indoor project ……