jar magic

I have been stuffing jars with silk thread and tissue silk in the Stuff Steep and Store method albeit with less store than some. I leave them on the balcony rail in the sun where they get visited by one of our cats.

This afternoon seemed like the right time to open two jars, one was Coreopsis flower with copper pictured third from the left {above}  and the other Montbretia flowers second from the left which are a weed here. Pictured on my new apron that has been made from an opshop (suspect) silk nightshirt, it has two pockets one especially for my trusty secateurs.


my new jacket

A dear friend gifted this probably almost vintage Trent Nathan wool jacket, and boy what a challenge ! I had this gem in my  wardrobe for some time and alas I will need it as I am off to Melbourne and then out to Traralgon for a 3 day workshop with Cas Holmes ( I’m very excited ) The bundle was hard work but worth the arm / hand strain



recycle wool blanket

This material is one of my first loves and when i started using eucalyptus in my practice the two made the best ever combination.

Recycle …..Renew ….. Sustainable

The wool used here will be made into cushions and table runners, but in the past clothing as well.

prints on linen

I have taken on a commission which I rarely do (they make me nervous) but this is for a new baby so how could I say no.

Because the pot is going to be on anyway, I gathered up a few pieces of my own one needed renewing and the other blouse a nice Op Shop ( thrift store) find.


wool flannel cushion

wool flannel …… not sure if it was made to wear on babies skin or as an outer but this piece is nappy size and I would give my eye teeth for more. I took it with me to the workshop with EB and bundled it with leaves but no copper or iron rod just a tight little package. Now its sewn up with a mohair backing that is in a burnt orange. This lovely piece will be with me at open studios on the weekend, don’t think i will get permission to sell it from the cat or my husband.


great results but no name

I unwrapped a couple of the test samples that I had in the pot yesterday, I was not only testing leaves but fabric too. A silk wool blend, an unknown from an op shop, some new silk and wool blanket. I will let the photos show you the results. My only statement is that my Eucalyptus Cinerea is stunning at the moment we have not had much rain and am wondering if that makes the difference. We have two names so far Euc Crenulata or Euc Pulverulenta, thanks to those who commented are we any closer…. does it matter ?