jar magic

I have been stuffing jars with silk thread and tissue silk in the Stuff Steep and Store method albeit with less store than some. I leave them on the balcony rail in the sun where they get visited by one of our cats.

This afternoon seemed like the right time to open two jars, one was Coreopsis flower with copper pictured third from the left {above}  and the other Montbretia flowers second from the left which are a weed here. Pictured on my new apron that has been made from an opshop (suspect) silk nightshirt, it has two pockets one especially for my trusty secateurs.


out of the copper

the joy of un bundling never diminishes …. i now have a lovely soft set of cuffs ….. and a piece of tube silky merino sadly not big enough for India Flint’s great idea here 

new to me ….old copper boiler

a while back we came across a malleys laundry boiler ( Bertha )and while it worked it was a gem, but alas the element died and a replacement was more $ than I expected. Peter came across an old gas fired copper at a garage / yard sale and bought it for me. What a find it is bubbling away as I type, filled with the makings of a wool blanket coat and a piece of silky merino.

my day

I love my birthday surprises some are great and some not so but as a Mother you do have to be excited. One may have dropped one hundred hints but you cannot make them buy what you want…. I have come to terms with that over the years and I can tell you I have had some doosies….  So this year with a child on each side in bed these are my surprises ! Have I told you all how much I love Copper !


fun with shibori random style

I have a Christmas Bazaar coming up at The Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, I just need to label and deliver and pay a % to the organizer, I do this with my stock at Binna Burra too. The Gig is the Botanique Christmas Bazaar at the Botanic Gardens (21st November to 24th November)  This is leading me to the silk/lycra mix with its sheen and lovely feel I have made two gilets with big arm holes easy to wear over t-shirts or similar. I wanted to try a shibori style  but I am a bit of a random soul so I do actually find this a bit challenging! But with my trusty bits of copper I have succeeded ! the other silk has a lurex thread through it but has been bundled in my regular fashion.

xmas poster

un bundled pinafore

I have tested some silk fabric I bought at the fabric store in Brisbane,  a silk / lycra mix with a lovely sheen and slight stretch.  One of my students used a piece at the workshop a couple of weeks ago and the outcome was a little disappointing ( I have bought 2 meters of this fabric ! ) I soaked the silk first in water and vinegar and layered it with leaves and sandwiched it in the copper plate, along with lids, leaves and more silk squares BINGO !!! I also had two silk pinafore aprons made from upcycled silk shirts in the same pot one is a copper colour and one baby pink…. (I was not sure of the out comes here….. but have been pleasantly surprised )